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Equalizer® Lexus Rearview Mirror Tool

SKU: TLS2324

Equalizer Part No. LRR243



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For Lexus 300, 330 and some Toyota models. If you have worked on one of these, there is no need to tell you how annoying they are. A pressure clip holds two small ball bearings in place. The ball bearings lock the rearview mirror assembly to the windshield bracket. When removing the rearview mirror assembly, we recommend that you take the screw out to release the rearview mirror and leave everything else attached to the glass. Once the glass is laying flat on your windshield stand, you can remove the pressure clip with Equalizer® Lexus rearview mirror tool.

Use care not to lose the ball bearings, taking the assembly and bracket apart is not nearly as difficult as putting them back together. We suggest putting the bracket on the windshield before installing the glass. When installing the hardware, make sure the guide pin on the removable bracket aligns with the opening on the windshield bracket, and then squeeze the pressure clip and place it inside the bracket so it holds pressure on the two ball bearing supports. The unique design of the LRR243 hooks and holds the pressure clip so you do not lose it.

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