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UltraWiz UltraReach Knife

SKU: TLS1206

UltraWiz Part No. 3055-K



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***Ultra New from UltraWiz!***

UltraWiz UltraReach Knife is the first and only adjustable cold knife available without a cable.  Adjustable handle has 4 positions for maximum effectiveness and technician safety.  Easily change positions by loosening twin thumb screws. In addition, ball plunger makes blade changes super easy.  Plus, solid construction means confident cutting in any position.  Coated 1″ handles provide comfort and paint protection. BONUS: One handed operation adds inches to your reach!  Includes one 1002-M blade.  Made in the USA.

1 Knife, 4 Positions (see images above for visual)

  • Position1: Handle fully collapsed to 9″ for precision cutting.
  • Position 2 and 3:   Center position allows for 45° clockwise and counter clockwise rear handle adjustment for comfort and flexibility.
  • Position 4: Handle fully extended to 12″ for extra reach.

UltraWiz UltraReach Knife Features:

  • First cold knife without a handle!
  • Easily change positions.  Just loosen the twin thumbscrews and move handle.
  • Ball plungers allow for quick and easy adjustments and blade changes.
  • 4 adjustable positions (see above) for max effectiveness and tech safety in a variety of removal situations.
  • Coated 1″ handles for comfort and paint protection.
  • One-handed operation adds inches to your reach.
  • Quality construction means confident cutting any position.
  • Includes one 1002-M blade.

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